FFF Fluid Forum 2023 Videos

Jagman Dhillon – Predicting Nitrogen And Sulfur Deficiency In Corn Using Optical Sensors
Marcos Loman – The Sulfur Story From Fertilizer to Yield
Katie Lewis – Developing a Fertigation Strategy for Cotton using Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Karl Wyant – Nutrien Biostimulant Update – The Future of Liquid Fertilizers
Josh McGrath – Modifying Starter Fertilizer Placement to Increase Effectiveness
Dan Olk Dana Dinnes Understanding Humic Product Applications in Midwest Corn and Soybeans
Bryan Hopkins – Phosphorus Fertilization in High Yield Crops
Bert Bock – The Potential for GHG Credits by Switching from AA to UAN and Using NIs
Alan Blaylock – The Ammonia Rainbow And Ammonia As A Green Fuel
Raj Khosla – Precision Nitrogen Management Strategies to Increase Profitability and Sustainability of Irrigated Cropping Systems

FFF Fluid Forum 2023 PDFs