Why Fluids?

Top 10 lists are ever popular in our culture today – so what are the top 10 advantages of fluid fertilizers? Ask a handful of farmers and dealers and you likely will come up with a handful of different answers.

There are so many, and the advantages so varied, that it is not possible to come up with a single top 10 list that everyone can agree to! Some advantages benefit everyone. For others their appeal depends on the specific situation involved.

Typical benefits noted include things such as: a wide variety of fertilizer placements, homogeneous blends, best adapted for split applications, high nutrient use efficiency, handling conveniences, provides environmental benefits, required for fertigation, best suited for variable rate application, and many other benefits that give fluids a distinct economic appeal.

While it is not possible to name the definitive top 10 benefits of fluids that apply in all situations, my top five benefits of fluid fertilizers should broadly fit most everyone. A more in-depth discussion of each of these benefits will be presented in future issues of the Fluid Journal

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